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Laboratory bacteria testing

30 years of experience performing bacterial / fungal analysis

ASC Microbiology Laboratories has over 30 years of experience performing bacterial and fungal analysis for clients in the Jackson, NJ area and around the world. We are certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for environmental analysis (water, wastewater and air).

For the pharmaceutical industry we offer full FDA GMP & GLP validated methods for USP microbial limits testing, antimicrobial effectiveness testing and antibiotic assays.

For the nutritional supplement, food & cosmetic industries, we offer full FDA BAM analysis for all pathogens as well as challenge and storage studies. We specialize in Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria and lactobacilli isolation and enumeration.

For environmental testing we focus on "Standard Methods for Water & Wastewater" procedures for total microbial count, coliform, E. coli, P. aeruginosa and water suitability testing. We also perform centrifugal air testing for bacteria, molds and other pathogens as well as Stachybotrus and Legionella identification.

Besides our broad range of microbiological expertise, ASC Microbiology Laboratories stands out from other analytical labs in our attitude towards client assistance and satisfaction. We assist customers in many ways to ensure good quality control and compliance with regulatory agencies, including but not limited to advice, completion of forms and reports, method development, technical consulting and on-site inspections.

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